Tushball--Up and Coming Sport

In recent years Camp Timberlane has discovered a new game, Tushball. It has become the second biggest pastime at camp behind Trampball, which will always remain number one!

The only two pieces of equipment you need to play Tushball are a volleyball and a roof. The object of the game is to hit the ball onto the roof anyway you can. Usually boundaries are also set up to make Tushball more challenging. Some of the taller players are able to spike the ball in order to force the next person out of the game.

Those of you who were here last year can remember that Camp Timberlane went for the world record for the most people in one game. Lee Glicksman, heading up the attempt, made a superb effort, but fell shy of the record by only 23 people.

The Tushball court, which is located just outside the Pot Shop, has had many excellent players. Probably the best tushball player this year is junior counselor, David Daskal. No.2 is Bob Gassel.